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Middle School Social Studies Lessons


Welcome to my web site!

I have been a middle school American History Teacher for 16 years. I have accumulated what I think are some great activities for middle school kids. I would like to share these with you. I would even like to share the work of others if you would like to contribute to this site. My hope is that it will be dynamic and things will be added from time to time. I am asking for a five dollar donation to keep this site up and running.

By clicking on the paypal link below, simply make the $5,00 transaction, and you will be given a link to a site with many files to download, some links to other outstanding sites I have found listed by other teachers. I believe that if you teach American History, you will really enjoy going through this list of ideas and activities.

Included will be lessons about Native Americans, Presidents, Economics, George Washington, The Industrial Revolution, Tariffs, the War of 1812, The Lewis and Clark Expedition, and others.

So That's how he does it !!!!

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Famous Reformer

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