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Middle School Science Teaching Aids

Keep her on task with fun activites!!!

      Hello There!  My name is John W. Brooks. I have been a high school and middle school science teacher for almost twenty years. One of the things that I have enjoyed the most in my teaching over the course of the years is lesson plan development in Science. I have decided to share the lessons that I have developed over the internet with people who might be interested in getting some simple, yet fun lesson plans that work well with kids (especially middle school kids).
     I am asking five dollar donations to help defer the costs of listing these materials. Once you have paid this nominal fee, you will have access to my files for free, forever (or at least as long as I maintain this site). I do plan on adding more materials over the course of the next several years, so I would hope that you can refer to this site in the future and perhaps find more things of use.
You are welcome to modify these MS Word files in any way you choose, maybe even fixing some of my "typos" over the years!

Things I intend to include:
1. Laboratory Experiments that have worked well for me in the past. I hope your not afraid of a little mess!
2. Web Quests that I have developed for specific classroom topics
3. A few worksheets that might be of value to you.
4. I would also like to consider including original work of other people, if you are so inclined to submit some of your great stuff to me!

Clicking on the Picture on the right will get you to the access site. I hope this is worth your while. Let me know if it works for you. ALSO...feel free to modify these files in any way you see fit. They will all be in Microsoft Word format.

You can e-mail us at: